50% off 1st & 2nd month rent: 5x10, 5x15, 10x10 & 10x20 units
no other fees & you get a new lock free

What size will I need?

If you’re moving… Unit Size
A two to three bedroom home

With a garage: 10 X 25 – 10 X 30

A one to two bedroom home
(size of one car garage): 10 X 20

A one bedroom home: 10 X 18

A small apartment: 6½ X 10 – 10 X 10

Do all of your units have roll-up doors?
Yes. Every last one.
What are the access hours?
7AM to 7PM,7 days a week.
Do I provide my own Lock?
Yes, or we will provide you a new lock free.
How long have you been in business?
Over 30 Years
What size truck can get in?
Any size, including tractor trailer.
How do I figure square feet?
Square feet = Length x Width.
Do you insure?
No but we do have insurance available through Tenant One (8oo-842-5246).
What forms of payments are accepted?
We accept local checks, cash and all major credit cards.
Do you have inside vehicle storage?
Yes, and we have outside parking too located within our secure compound protected by our video cameras.
How tall are the units?
They run from 9 feet to 10 feet tall.
Can we contact you via email?
Click here to email our manager or feel free to call us for information: (760) 941-66o6
What is your online privacy policy?
We collect from you only the personal information you voluntarily provide in order to deliver the best possible service. If you choose to process an online payment or reservation we ask you to provide us with information necessary to process your order including, but not limited to, name, physical address, telephone number, expiration date, and storage unit number.

We collect your email address so that we can send you information about your transaction and its status. The credit card information that is collected is used strictly for billing purposes.

Do you share any of my personal information?
No, …Taylor Self-Storage does not sell or share information to anyone.
What security measures do you have in place?
We have cameras and parameter infra-red security beams around the entire complex, the manager lives on the premises, and each tenant has their own personal gate code.