Household Storage

Whether you live in San Marcos, Oceanside, or right here in Vista we have plenty of room to store your household goods. Our smallest units are perfect for mini storage if you live in an apartment and need just a bit more space or have seasonal goods cluttering up your life year round.

If you live in a house your garage is probably filled to the brim with large irregularly used tools, extra furniture, or family heirlooms you can’t quite give away. Our larger units are perfect for general storage. Get that vehicle out of the sun and into your garage with a little help from Taylor Self Storage.

Clutter Free in the New Year

Clutter Free in the New Year

Clutter is making your space less productive, less attractive, and making it harder for you to attain your goals. Your New Years resolution might be to get rid of the clutter in your life. Reducing clutter will help you get to other goals too! Removing the things in your life that distract you from working out will let you work out more. If your resolution is to be more fit, than reducing clutter will help you there. Streamlining your space can help you get started on your dream project. Finish your novel or the painting project that you’ve been meaning to finish and move clutter out of your life to see what it can do for you!

Your Space is a Reflection of You

Yes, when other people come into your space and they see your home and office as you, but more importantly your own opinion of yourself matters. How do you perceive your own space and can you breathe and work in your space in peace, or do you feel productive and happy in your work space? Can you relax in your home space? Most Americans find that they have too many objects in the way of their own productivity and reducing clutter can help you attain a better sense of your own space.

Enhancing the Beauty

We think of beauty of something that is painted on, but sometimes all that is needed is to remove things. Your home may have hidden beauty. Appliances, boxes, and shelves hold items that are only necessary for a short time each year. Try to cycle unnecessary things through your life with a self storage unit. Rediscover that space in your living space and fall in love with it again. Discover the beauty of your home and enjoy the luxury of having ample counter space in your kitchen.

Happy New Year!

Make sure to stop by Taylor Self Storage in the New Year, and find more space in your life for storage!

Christmas Decorations Adding Clutter? We’ve Got Storage!

Christmas Decorations Adding Clutter? We’ve Got Storage!

Christmas decorations can be anything from tree ornaments to treasured china and it’s important to keep those things from getting broken. Decorating for the holidays is a must. Being the only one on your street without holiday decorations is the worst. Considering that, how do you keep your Christmas decor from cluttering up your life for the rest of the 11 months of the year when you definitely won’t be using them? Self storage is a great solution for Christmas decoration storage.

Reusable Christmas Decoration Boxes

Delicate glass tree ornaments are best stored in a box designed for this purpose. You’ll love having your traditional keepsakes to put on the tree year after year if you take good care of them and store them away in a box like this. Alternatively, you could wrap each ornament in newspaper or tissue paper and carefully package them in a cardboard box. Don’t forget to label the box so you can grab it easily next year!

Kitchenware and China

Christmas dinner is such a nice occasion with festive Christmas china. Many people have family heirlooms that they pass down through their family and have memories of eating their holiday meals on. Make memories with your family by protecting your holiday kitchenware in an easy to store plastic bin or cardboard box. Cushion your plates, drinking glasses, and flatware with newsprint or tissue to keep it from scratches or chips. Your children will light up when you come back from the self storage with this box. Seeing the Christmas plates emerge from their storage makes everyone hungry for holiday meals.

Outdoor Christmas Lights

Christmas lights are festive and fun, but can so easily get broken. The best way to care for them is to keep them in a dry, clean space and keep things from falling on top of them. A rigid plastic bin is a good idea and now they make custom boxes for holiday lights like these that keep the lights organized. It can be expensive to replace them, so it’s a wise investment to protect the ones you have. Once you have them organized in a box, if you keep them with your other Christmas decoration in the storage unit, you’ll know just where they are when you need them.

Christmas Wrapping Paper

Having wrapping paper, gift bags, bows, and tags are a wonderful way to be prepared. If you buy them on sale after the holidays, you can get them an amazing prices and store them for the following year. Smart shoppers store their holiday gift wrap and have one less thing to do next holiday season, making it a little less stressful. Make sure to store it carefully so that when you go to retrieve it from your storage unit, all your gift wrap will be in perfect condition.

Happy New Year!

Make sure to stop by Taylor Self Storage in the New Year, because no one puts away their Christmas decorations before January 1st anyway.

Self Storage could be your short term warehouse

Many self starting entrepreneurs have embraced internet marketing to kickstart a business but running it out of your garage can be a major headache. Your nearby self storage can be the perfect place to organize your stock and keep it out of your home life.

  • Customer orders can be more easily organized without home goods hiding leftover items or even accidentally ending up in an order
  • Keep your items organized in discrete stacks
  • A secure self storage facility will keep your investment in your stock safe
  • Keep your business out of sight and out of mind after business hours. We all need breaks and separating home and your new business can be a real stress reliever.
  • Remove any temptations for little ones or pets to cause havoc with your leftover stock

Biggest Storage Mistakes to Avoid

While self storage is an easy and convenient way to store your extra belongings, a few tips can make it even easier.

  • Organize early! It can be daunting to try to organize a full storage unit so it is never too early to have a plan for how items should be stored in your unit. Labeling your boxes is essential, but having your boxes and other items organized into groups (seasonal clothing, holiday items, car parts, etc) within the unit can make finding things that much simpler.
  • Avoid boxes that are too big. A large box may make it easy to pack a lot of goods away, but when it comes time to move the box your back won’t thank you. Later when your box is stored in your unit it will also make it harder to retrieve single items from your boxes.
  • Don’t store unsealed food. It might be tempting to store that leftover giant package of food from a warehouse grocer, but it’s a pest magnet you don’t want in your unit. Its also easy to forget about it until you discover a stinky mess.
  • Watch out for fragile items. Make sure your boxes contain fragile items are properly marked and don’t have other boxes stacked on them. Over-sized, unmarked fragile items should best be stored in their own corner of the unit. If you are accessing your unit in a hurry it can be easy to roughly handle a box. Make sure a quick glance tells you if it needs special handling.
  • Renting too small of a unit. Sometimes it can seem even the smallest unit will be plenty of space, but consider carefully exactly how much you will be storing. The minimal cost difference of a large unit may not be worth the headache of accessing a unit packed to the ceiling.

5 Ways That Self Storage Can Improve Your Life

Sometimes storage can be more than just a convenient place to store your treasured valuables.

  1. Organize your house! When your house is overrun with clutter it can be difficult to finally get everything organized. Store your extra items to give yourself the room you need to organize your house.
  2. Streamline your wardrobe! Picking an outfit in the morning is more difficult when you have to dig through clothes out of season. Store your winter/summer clothes and simplify your closets.
  3. Park your cars in the garage!  Clear out all the items you are currently storing in your garage and you can keep your cars out of any weather. Create a work space for those weekend warrior projects.
  4. Ease life’s difficult transitions. Sometimes moving, going to college, divorce, military deployment, or another big life event can be made complicated by having to handle all your accumulated items. Safely store them and clear your mind of any worries about them until you are ready to unpack them.
  5. Indulge your interest in collectibles. You might be driving your significant other to distraction by your collectibles cluttering up a spare bedroom or the garage. Keep them organized and out from under foot in a storage space.

Packing Mistakes That the Pros Avoid: 10 Easy Tips

Packing Mistakes That the Pros Avoid: 10 Easy Tips

Packing For a Move or Storage Can Save You Money

Professionals know how to pack valuables so that they don’t break. Here are the top ten tips that can get you packing like the professionals.

  1. Don’t throw away that old newspaper! It makes perfect packing material.
  2. When packing with newspaper you can make it more effective by crinkling it.
  3. Don’t be shy with how much newspaper you use. A single layer can be abraded when objects move around inside the box but two or more will keep those objects safe.
  4. Rubber bands can also be very useful for packing objects prone to movement like silverware. For fine silverware wrap each piece with crinkled paper and then rubber band the bundle.
  5. Take advantage of any natural stability the shape of your objects may give to a packed box. Arrange those bookshelves like puzzle pieces to reinforce each other.
  6. Large boxes you can buy at any box or storage facility is mostly what you’ll be using for packing, but keep an eye out for boxes perfectly sized to a delicate object. That old shoe box might make a good box for a tea pot.
  7. Packing old clothes with your breakables is a good multi-use way to both store/move the clothes and protect your valuables.
  8. Particularly breakable hollow objects should have packing material placed inside as well. A delicate cup is best protected with paper inside and out.
  9. Don’t think just because something is metal it can’t be damaged inside a box. Metal flatware can scratch each other rolling around in a box. Use some paper to keep them separate.
  10. Always mark your boxes! You’ll handle your boxes excessively if you have to open them multiple times to find the object you are looking for. Mark its origin and its contents and you’ll save time later.

Happy Veterans Day to San Diego Military

Happy Veterans Day to San Diego Military

Happy Veterans Day

Taylor Self Storage wants to remind our wonderful military families that we offer special discounts just for you. You will be welcomed and treated like family at our facility.

Make Deployment Easier

Have to stash your stuff while you’re on deployment? Our pricing systems are designed to be paid either yearly or monthly. If you know how long you’ll be away, you can pay it all at once and know that your belongings are safe in storage until you come home. The best part about paying ahead of time is that you get a discount for doing it this way. Bonus!

Store Clutter or Vehicles

Military spouses can find it a huge relief to store the absent spouse’s vehicle or extra stuff in self storage to keep it out of the way and safe until their boo returns.

Veterans Care is More than Health & Employment

Are you a veteran or do you know a veteran that has a hard time getting around their space due to clutter? Maybe they aren’t ready for a bigger space yet, but could stand to temporarily store some of their home items? Self storage might be a good solution for them.

San Diego is a Great Place for Veterans

Not only are there a lot of veteran friendly business like Taylor Self Storage, but there are a lot of other helpful services for veterans in San Diego County as well. There are two Veterans Service offices in Oceanside. Find the map for the one on Mission Avenue here and the office on Rancho Del Oro here.

Customized Care for Military

We work with local military so often, that we are really good at helping you find the right unit for your needs. Call us or stop by to check out our great rates and awesome discounts.

Store your treasured dishes at Taylor Self Storage

When you’ve run out of room to store things in your kitchen with a few tips you can safely store dishes here at Taylor Self Storage. Whether its fine china, a favored heirloom, or a collectible plate you can easily store them with a bit of smart preparation.

  • 95% of all damaged goods in self storage come from poor packing.Old newspaper is a cheap and effective method to keeping your dishes intact.
  • Wrap your dishes before storing them. By creating a barrier for each object you’ve safeguarding it from other items scraping up against it.
  • Just two or three sheets of crinkled newspaper can protect most dishes inside a box. Using more than one is advised since wrapped objects could rub through a single layer of newspaper.
  • Crinkling the paper is important and will help it better absorb movement while packed.
  • Put dishes in their own box.
  • Make sure your box is marked. You don’t want to accidentally roughly handle a box of dishes when retrieving them in the future.
  • Reinforcing your boxes may be a good idea. A box full of dishes can be quite heavy so some extra tape at the bottom edges could stop an unfortunate spill.
  • Place padding on the very bottom of the box to absorb the impact of putting the box down.
  • Nesting smaller items in larger ones can stabilize their movement but make sure the interior item is completely wrapped.
  • Fill the empty space with anything soft to keep your dishes securely positioned within the box.

Moving in Vista, Oceanside, or San Diego California?

Moving in Vista, Oceanside, or San Diego California?

Taylor logoMoving is stressful. But taking just a few steps can make your move almost stress free. You’re going to love living in Vista, Oceanisde, North County, or wherever your San Diego destination may be. Whether you are moving from an apartment to a house, to a house to a dorm, consequently your items need to get from point A to point B. Follow these tips to make your San Diego move as stress free as possible.

Moving Kit

Make sure you have important items separate from the moving boxes. Pack a moving kit and make sure you have the essentials in it. You are going to be sweaty and tired after moving day, so set aside things you will need. Medications should go in your moving kit. Make sure you have enough for a few days because maybe you will not be unpacked right away. Toothbrush, soap, a roll of toilet paper, and some shampoo are ideal for your moving kit. Have some hand soap for your new bathroom too. A change of clothes is a must, but you’ll probably want pajamas and a towel too.

Label Everything

When you’re packing, you think you’ll remember what things are in the boxes. The opposite is true. Once you get to your new place, everything will look unfamiliar. The most frustrating thing is digging through boxes to look for something and not finding it. Get two or three large markers and tie them to a lanyard or string to keep around your neck. Everyone who is helping pack needs a marker to label boxes and bags. Add tape and box cutters to the list of things to buy. You will want an easy to way to get boxes open once you’re moved in.

Measure for Moving

Your furniture looks like it’s going to fit when you walk around in your new space. But it’s empty and that may not be the case. Take a tape measure and make sure everything you are moving actually fits. If it doesn’t fit or you suspect it won’t, leave it in the storage unit for now. Call Taylor Self Storage and ask about available sized units right after you’ve taken measurements. You’ll be stoked that you didn’t get a unit too big, or worse, too small!

Take it Easy

This is a stressful experience and it’s important to take time for self care. Schedule time for meals and rest your body when it hurts. If you are moving very large pieces of furniture, prepare by buying a brace to protect your body or borrow a dolly that will ensure you don’t injure yourself. Think ahead if you have needs for caffeine and make sure to hydrate.

With a Little Help

This is a great time to call on favors. Make sure your friends know you’re moving and tell them the date way in advance. It’s nice to buy your friends dinner if they help out. Make sure they know what’s expected of them if you’re counting on someone!

To conclude, come see us at Taylor Self Storage to see what we can do for your storage needs!