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Moving in Vista, Oceanside, or San Diego California?

Moving in Vista, Oceanside, or San Diego California?

Taylor logoMoving is stressful. But taking just a few steps can make your move almost stress free. You’re going to love living in Vista, Oceanisde, North County, or wherever your San Diego destination may be. Whether you are moving from an apartment to a house, to a house to a dorm, consequently your items need to get from point A to point B. Follow these tips to make your San Diego move as stress free as possible.

Moving Kit

Make sure you have important items separate from the moving boxes. Pack a moving kit and make sure you have the essentials in it. You are going to be sweaty and tired after moving day, so set aside things you will need. Medications should go in your moving kit. Make sure you have enough for a few days because maybe you will not be unpacked right away. Toothbrush, soap, a roll of toilet paper, and some shampoo are ideal for your moving kit. Have some hand soap for your new bathroom too. A change of clothes is a must, but you’ll probably want pajamas and a towel too.

Label Everything

When you’re packing, you think you’ll remember what things are in the boxes. The opposite is true. Once you get to your new place, everything will look unfamiliar. The most frustrating thing is digging through boxes to look for something and not finding it. Get two or three large markers and tie them to a lanyard or string to keep around your neck. Everyone who is helping pack needs a marker to label boxes and bags. Add tape and box cutters to the list of things to buy. You will want an easy to way to get boxes open once you’re moved in.

Measure for Moving

Your furniture looks like it’s going to fit when you walk around in your new space. But it’s empty and that may not be the case. Take a tape measure and make sure everything you are moving actually fits. If it doesn’t fit or you suspect it won’t, leave it in the storage unit for now. Call Taylor Self Storage and ask about available sized units right after you’ve taken measurements. You’ll be stoked that you didn’t get a unit too big, or worse, too small!

Take it Easy

This is a stressful experience and it’s important to take time for self care. Schedule time for meals and rest your body when it hurts. If you are moving very large pieces of furniture, prepare by buying a brace to protect your body or borrow a dolly that will ensure you don’t injure yourself. Think ahead if you have needs for caffeine and make sure to hydrate.

With a Little Help

This is a great time to call on favors. Make sure your friends know you’re moving and tell them the date way in advance. It’s nice to buy your friends dinner if they help out. Make sure they know what’s expected of them if you’re counting on someone!

To conclude, come see us at Taylor Self Storage to see what we can do for your storage needs!