Christmas Decorations Adding Clutter? We’ve Got Storage!

Christmas Decorations Adding Clutter? We’ve Got Storage!

Christmas decorations can be anything from tree ornaments to treasured china and it’s important to keep those things from getting broken.¬†Decorating for the holidays is a must. Being the only one on your street without holiday decorations is the worst. Considering that, how do you keep your Christmas decor from cluttering up your life for the rest of the 11 months of the year when you definitely won’t be using them? Self storage is a great solution for Christmas decoration storage.

Reusable Christmas Decoration Boxes

Delicate glass tree ornaments are best stored in a box designed for this purpose. You’ll love having your traditional keepsakes to put on the tree year after year if you take good care of them and store them away in a box like this. Alternatively, you could wrap each ornament in newspaper or tissue paper and carefully package them in a cardboard box. Don’t forget to label the box so you can grab it easily next year!

Kitchenware and China

Christmas dinner is such a nice occasion with festive Christmas china. Many people have family heirlooms that they pass down through their family and have memories of eating their holiday meals on. Make memories with your family by protecting your holiday kitchenware in an easy to store plastic bin or cardboard box. Cushion your plates, drinking glasses, and flatware with newsprint or tissue to keep it from scratches or chips. Your children will light up when you come back from the self storage with this box. Seeing the Christmas plates emerge from their storage makes everyone hungry for holiday meals.

Outdoor Christmas Lights

Christmas lights are festive and fun, but can so easily get broken. The best way to care for them is to keep them in a dry, clean space and keep things from falling on top of them. A rigid plastic bin is a good idea and now they make custom boxes for holiday lights like these that keep the lights organized. It can be expensive to replace them, so it’s a wise investment to protect the ones you have. Once you have them organized in a box, if you keep them with your other Christmas decoration in the storage unit, you’ll know just where they are when you need them.

Christmas Wrapping Paper

Having wrapping paper, gift bags, bows, and tags are a wonderful way to be prepared. If you buy them on sale after the holidays, you can get them an amazing prices and store them for the following year. Smart shoppers store their holiday gift wrap and have one less thing to do next holiday season, making it a little less stressful. Make sure to store it carefully so that when you go to retrieve it from your storage unit, all your gift wrap will be in perfect condition.

Happy New Year!

Make sure to stop by Taylor Self Storage in the New Year, because no one puts away their Christmas decorations before January 1st anyway.