Clutter Free in the New Year

Clutter Free in the New Year

Clutter is making your space less productive, less attractive, and making it harder for you to attain your goals. Your New Years resolution might be to get rid of the clutter in your life. Reducing clutter will help you get to other goals too! Removing the things in your life that distract you from working out will let you work out more. If your resolution is to be more fit, than reducing clutter will help you there. Streamlining your space can help you get started on your dream project. Finish your novel or the painting project that you’ve been meaning to finish and move clutter out of your life to see what it can do for you!

Your Space is a Reflection of You

Yes, when other people come into your space and they see your home and office as you, but more importantly your own opinion of yourself matters. How do you perceive your own space and can you breathe and work in your space in peace, or do you feel productive and happy in your work space? Can you relax in your home space? Most Americans find that they have too many objects in the way of their own productivity and reducing clutter can help you attain a better sense of your own space.

Enhancing the Beauty

We think of beauty of something that is painted on, but sometimes all that is needed is to remove things. Your home may have hidden beauty. Appliances, boxes, and shelves hold items that are only necessary for a short time each year. Try to cycle unnecessary things through your life with a self storage unit. Rediscover that space in your living space and fall in love with it again. Discover the beauty of your home and enjoy the luxury of having ample counter space in your kitchen.

Happy New Year!

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