Packing Mistakes That the Pros Avoid: 10 Easy Tips

Packing Mistakes That the Pros Avoid: 10 Easy Tips

Packing For a Move or Storage Can Save You Money

Professionals know how to pack valuables so that they don’t break. Here are the top ten tips that can get you packing like the professionals.

  1. Don’t throw away that old newspaper! It makes perfect packing material.
  2. When packing with newspaper you can make it more effective by crinkling it.
  3. Don’t be shy with how much newspaper you use. A single layer can be abraded when objects move around inside the box but two or more will keep those objects safe.
  4. Rubber bands can also be very useful for packing objects prone to movement like silverware. For fine silverware wrap each piece with crinkled paper and then rubber band the bundle.
  5. Take advantage of any natural stability the shape of your objects may give to a packed box. Arrange those bookshelves like puzzle pieces to reinforce each other.
  6. Large boxes you can buy at any box or storage facility is mostly what you’ll be using for packing, but keep an eye out for boxes perfectly sized to a delicate object. That old shoe box might make a good box for a tea pot.
  7. Packing old clothes with your breakables is a good multi-use way to both store/move the clothes and protect your valuables.
  8. Particularly breakable hollow objects should have packing material placed inside as well. A delicate cup is best protected with paper inside and out.
  9. Don’t think just because something is metal it can’t be damaged inside a box. Metal flatware can scratch each other rolling around in a box. Use some paper to keep them separate.
  10. Always mark your boxes! You’ll handle your boxes excessively if you have to open them multiple times to find the object you are looking for. Mark its origin and its contents and you’ll save time later.

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