Store your treasured dishes at Taylor Self Storage

When you’ve run out of room to store things in your kitchen with a few tips you can safely store dishes here at Taylor Self Storage. Whether its fine china, a favored heirloom, or a collectible plate you can easily store them with a bit of smart preparation.

  • 95% of all damaged goods in self storage come from poor packing.Old newspaper¬†is a cheap and effective method to keeping your dishes intact.
  • Wrap your dishes before storing them. By creating a barrier for each object you’ve safeguarding it from other items scraping up against it.
  • Just two or three sheets of crinkled newspaper can protect most dishes inside a box. Using more than one is advised since wrapped objects could rub through a single layer of newspaper.
  • Crinkling the paper is important and will help it better absorb movement while packed.
  • Put dishes in their own box.
  • Make sure your box is marked. You don’t want to accidentally roughly handle a box of dishes when retrieving them in the future.
  • Reinforcing your boxes may be a good idea. A box full of dishes can be quite heavy so some extra tape at the bottom edges could stop an unfortunate spill.
  • Place padding on the very bottom of the box to absorb the impact of putting the box down.
  • Nesting smaller items in larger ones can stabilize their movement but make sure the interior item is completely wrapped.
  • Fill the empty space with anything soft to keep your dishes securely positioned within the box.

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